Blog Entry #7: Full on Garden


Sorry it's been so long since I posted, I got a job!!!!!!!! But it does take up all my free time... oh wait, no, that's remodeling the HOUSE that takes up my free time. What is free time anyway? Anyway, back to the garden drama....So..... the frost in April wasn't the last one we had. I had just moved all the cilantro and tomato seedlings out onto the deck when BAM! Mother nature came and killed 3/4ths of the tomatoes and all the cilantro in one night. IN MAY. I had fortunately planted the "scrap" tomato seedlings that refused to die in the egg carton from the week before, and had overturned a plastic bin over the pot as kind of a make-shift greenhouse type thing. They were the only ones to survive the night.

Fully transplanted deck garden

grapevineOver the next couple weeks, I bought more and more pots and until every Roma tomato plant had it's own pot. I even bought a couple pre-potted ones, just to see if mine grew any differently or slower or anything.

I even ended up planting the grapevine graft that I'd gotten from Plum Hill during Wine Trail. It is growing, but unfortunately the graft got broken when it was still in a bag, so only the root-stock is sprouted.

Deck Railing garden


So we have green onions, spinach, basil and some tiny bell pepper plants taking over the deck railing planters, and I've already eaten quite a bit of the spinach. I am planning some Asian meals this week so we can use some of my HUGE stock of green onions!

basilWe're watching the pre-potted Roma's for clues as to how the little ones are doing, but the larger one is just bursting with flowers which I am given to understand will fall off and tomatoes will grow in their place. Time will tell, but I think it might be advantagous that I have plants in so many different stages of growth so that they will produce all summer. That might, however, be a disadvantage if I want to make them all into sauce at once and get them canned. By the way, why is it called "canning" if you put them in glass jars???? Happy gardening!

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