Great British Baking ShowSo I've recently discovered the delightful show "The Great British Baking Show" and have been binge-watching episodes all week—and it has inspired me to do a little more baking. So I've decided for the summer, I want to do a baking challenge. I realize that the heat of summer is not EXACTLY the best time to be turning on the oven every week, but hey, I have central air and a brand spanking new oven that I need to make friends with eventually (even though the first time I use it, it burned my arm!)

I will choose 6 - 10 things that they make on the show and I want to try making them myself. I have already chosen the first 4 based on Season 1 and the couple of episodes of Season 2 that I've seen. All the things I choose will be things I've never made before (so they could be complete disasters) and I will try to film how some of them go so I can add to the videos section. The first 4 items will be (in no particular order):

Stay tuned for updates as I find the recipes I plan to use and schedule my first bake!

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